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The importance of sleep

When it comes to wellbeing, it isn't just about exercising and what we eat. Sleep is an important element which many of us forget about. We often stay up until all hours as we don't want to waste the evening, particularly if you are only left with a short window once children are finally asleep, then the next morning and day we are exhausted.

It is very important for our overall well-being as well as our mental health, that we get a sufficient amount of sleep. If we don't, then it can affect our brain function - we may not be able to concentrate as well, or our productivity can be reduced. We can also find ourselves with a short temper and lacking patience or with slower reaction times.

Some studies suggest that if we get a good night's sleep our calorie intake the next day may be lower, as sleep patterns may affect the hormones which are in charge of our appetite.

Other research has indicated that adequate rest promotes better heart health as it lets the body's blood pressure regulate itself.

There are some studies which show that ongoing sleep deprivation can be linked to depression, an increased risk of heart disease and the risk of obesity.

Another key factor, which most of us do know, is that sleep is important for letting the body heal. It is when we are asleep that it is able to do this; regenerate, repair and recover.

Most adults should be getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, however the quality of sleep is equally important. Getting outside and keeping active during the daytime can help you get better quality sleep. So next time you are about to put on another episode of your current boxset, check the clock!

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