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Your body the way you want it

As a qualified trainer I provide personal training sessions either individually or in a small group.  I will come to your home so that you can work out in a relaxed environment where you feel comfortable.  This also saves you having to go to the effort of getting to a gym and therefore you are less likely to find an excuse to workout.  We all know motivation doesn't always come easy!

I will visit you first for a free initial consultation where I can assess your needs and we can discuss all aspects of training. I will draw up a plan based on exercises which you enjoy as this will mean you are more likely to be engaged and motivated to continue with your fitness journey.  

I will create fun, efficient workouts and together we can set goals which can be reviewed and measured so that you can see your results. I can also provide you with a workout which you will be able to carry out at home in between our sessions.

You may be new to fitness or you may just want that extra push to step your workouts up a gear.  It may be that you would like to tone up for your wedding or get beach body ready.  Whatever your reason I would love to help you achieve your goals.  

I will also encourage you in between our training sessions by text to keep you on track and so you have someone you can be accountable to.

I also offer small group sessions if you prefer to train with a friend and that way you can also share the cost between you both.  Please see my pricing page for more details.

Alternatively if you are looking for purely kettlebell training, either as a training session or to learn/improve your technique or would like a small group kettlebell session then please contact me and I can provide this also.

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