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I'm Helen and I am a level 3 fully qualified personal trainer accredited with REPS.  I am passionate about fitness and helping others to get fit.  I am a strong believer that all you need is your own body to utilise for exercise, not a room full of equipment or hours in a gym. You have all that you need for an awesome workout right there.  I appreciate however that some equipment can be beneficial and help to push you further and one of my favourites is the humble kettlebell, which I have been training with for almost 15 years.  I have qualifications in exercise programming and coaching, core fitness and nutrition and weight management.  I  am also a certified kettlebell instructor.  In addition to that I hold an emergency first aid certificate.

I have previously worked at a desk job for a number of years so I am aware how important it is to workout and stretch after a long day hunched over a desk.  Equally exercise is a great energy and performance booster so it can set you up for the day ahead.

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