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Best Way To Avoid The Hospital Crisis

Unless you have been living under a rock lately then you will have seen that the NHS is at breaking point. Now I'm not here to go into the detail of why that is but we all know we don't really want to end up in hospital on a good day, but even more so at the moment whilst ambulances are hard to come by and doctors and nurses are under pressure.

One of the most important things you can do to try and avoid ending up in the above situation is to take good care of your health. Well that sounds straight forward and obvious you are probably thinking. Well yes it does sound that, but do we actually do so? Yes of course there are unavoidable situations, accidents we can't envisage or worse things which might come up which are out of our control, but taking care of what you eat and how you move is a key factor of your health.

What can you do to begin? Well start by reviewing where you are at currently. Look at your eating habits, what are you eating, how much are you eating and how often? It might help to keep a food diary for a week so you can really see what you are putting inside your body. Perhaps you need to make some changes here, smaller portions, more vegetables, fewer snacks etc.

Next review your weekly exercise, perhaps you don't do any, maybe you do a small amount but could up it but aren't sure how. Wherever you are at, think about adding small changes to your day/week. There is no need to jump into a full scale attack, working out every single day after having not worked out for the last 6 months/2 years... you fill the gap. If anything this will probably end up putting you in hospital with an injury. Start small, take the stairs instead of the lift, walk or bike to work/town instead of driving (bonus point for helping the environment here too!) Perhaps look at what classes are available and interest you or the local pool timetable.

Of course mental health is important too and it has been shown that exercise is great at helping to improve this also.

If you are unsure or you want to take your health seriously, drop me a line, we can discuss your next steps, or perhaps you would like to consider personal training or small group training with a friend or two.

You can always head to my Facebook page for regular tips and advice at @gforcefitnesspt

Remember we only have one body, we need to take care of it! Plus let's help the NHS out by not adding to their load.

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