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Motivation is a tricky thing. Sometimes we have lots of time on our hands but still cannot motivate ourselves to do exercise and we might procrastinate until we then have no time left. Other times we may be short of time and shun exercise for a rest in between the busyness of life. Sometimes the sofa just looks more appealing! However, don't be tempted to write the whole week off just because you skipped one or two sessions, even if that means you only fit in one workout that week, it's still better than none! Remember tomorrow is always a new day, so don't feel guilty for missing your workout, just move on and try to make the next one count. It can be helpful to set yourself goals, it may be you want to fit into a certain pair of jeans, or tone up specific parts of your body, Set yourself a goal and you are more likely to work towards it. It may help you to write a specific time for working out in your calendar, so that it's scheduled in and you need to tick it off as done. Another option is having a friend who you can be accountable to, or a personal trainer who can check in with you and send you motivational messages. Whatever you choose, make it work for you.

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