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Have you ever experienced gymtimidation? The feeling of intimidation when you go into a gym? Well it's pretty common, feelings such as "I don't look like I belong here", "how does this machine work, people will think I don't know what I'm doing" or "the place will be full of gym bunnies". Not only that, there are the usual grunts coming from the weights area which can be full of bulky men and you may feel you can't encroach in that area. There are over 700,000 more inactive women than men in England at the current time. Being overwhelmed or afraid to go into the gym environment isn't helping this number. However it isn't just women that this affects, men can be put off too as they feel pressured by the appearance of some of the men in the weights zone or they may feel inferior if they just want to use the running machine. If you want to go into the gym then I say go for it, most people probably feel the same as you the first couple of times and if you need to ask for help then that's what the instructors are there for, they will not think you are daft. Once you get stuck in with your workout you should try to forget about the others and focus on you, or you never know you may make some friends there. However the gym isn't for everyone, not just because of the feelings mentioned above, it just may not be your cup of tea, you may prefer fitness classes or running outside etc. Or alternatively you may prefer to have a personal trainer to help you get the best from your workout and motivate you more. If so drop me a line or give me a call (see contact on website) and I can assist you in getting fit in the comfort of your own home - you won't even need to leave the front door, how good is that!

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