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Exercise and coronavirus

I'm sure you'll agree these are strange times right now. Everything is changing and our daily routine has been thrown out of whack. You may have struggled to fit exercise into your day before coronavirus and may therefore wonder, how you are going to incorporate it now. It may be the kids are at home with you or you have to work from home so still feel there is little time. Or maybe you actually now have more time and think this is the time I can get on board with my exercise regime, let's get it started! Alternatively it may be you actually did have a good routine of going to the gym or fitness classes but don't really want to go to those places at the current time, or you may be self isolating so can't actually get out.

Whatever your situation, you do not need to give up, now is a great time to either start or continue your fitness journey.

Generally if you are fit you are better placed to fight a virus as your body is stronger and has a strengthened immune system. As well as making sure you are not too sedentary over this enforced time at home, it is well documented that exercise has mood boosting qualities and is great for mental health. Instead of dwelling on the 24/7 news which is coming at us from all screens and devices, escape the world for 30 or 60 minutes and get engrossed in working out. You will feel much better afterwards. Even better you can work out in your garden safely and get fresh air at the same time. So basically exercising will help you boost your immune system, keep you strong, give you a better mood and help keep you active and fit, which during this time indoors could lead to a very inactive lifestyle as you won't even be getting the basics you may rely on such as walking to work or to school drop offs etc.

If you are worried about accountability, that if no-one is there to push you, for example like an instructor would in a class, then send me a message/call me and I can offer you online 1 to 1 training. I can provide you with a session online and also give you workouts to do for the rest of the week and check in with you to see how you are getting on. I am currently offering a discounted rate for online workouts so give me a shout and I'll help keep you active.

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