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100 sit ups a day to a six pack?

You may read about these celebrities who say they do 100 (or x number of) sit ups a day to achieve their fantastic abs/six pack. Is it possible you might think, perhaps if I do that many a day I'll have amazing abs. Well it's not necessarily a bad thing to do sit ups (or other abdominal exercises) and you may very well end up with a strong core and "hard abs" to the touch when tensing those muscles, however the only way you would be able to see said 6 pack is if you have very little fat in front of them. If I hide something under a cushion are you going to see it? No. Well the same applies here, if you have great abs but have several inches of body fat over the top then the abs are not going to show through. The best way to achieve this look (if that is what you are after - of course this is not everyone's desire, but a lot of people do research how best to achieve great abs) is to make sure your exercise plan includes a mixture of cardio and strength exercises to eviscerate fat, then your ab work mixed in will pay off. You of course will need to also ensure you have a healthy diet, otherwise all your hard work will go to waste if you are consuming more calories then you are burning off. If you'd like to learn more about achieving the physique you may be after then contact me at

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