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Coronavirus and Obesity

So coronavirus is still at large as we all know and we are all still having to stay at home most of the time (with a few exceptions). There has never been a better time to ensure we remain active. Links have now been made that obesity related conditions appear to worsen the effect of the virus. For those who are obese and become ill with COVID-19 and require intubation, it is more difficult to carry this out, as the obesity creates a challenge in providing this intervention. Obesity can restrict ventilation and can affect cardiovascular function. There is a greater risk of developing additional health problems for people with a higher BMI. People who are obese and contract the virus are at greater risk of severe complications, (partly because obese people have a reduced lung function) and a study has shown that almost 75 per cent of those in intensive care with coronavirus, are overweight.

Therefore, although it's important we enjoy the enforced rest we find ourselves in and also to enjoy the odd treat, we need to ensure on the whole we keep to a healthy diet and aren't sedentary all the time. There has never been an easier time to exercise, there are so many free workouts available right now, so even if you are not able to afford 1 to 1 at the moment, find a workout you enjoy and try to keep active. If you have a high BMI and have not exercised in a while then it's never too late, just start moving a bit more each day than the previous one. You could simply start with walking (obviously keeping within the Government guidelines during this time) and gradually increase your activity time/levels. If you would like more in depth advice then drop me a line.

Keep active everyone and eating a well balanced diet (but don't punish yourself if you slip up one day, just start again the next - we're all human!)

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